Making appointments personal

Making appointments personal

As featured in The Cheshire Independent Newspaper

A NEW business and lifestyle management service has been launched in Prestbury.

My PA has been set up by Jayne Pickstone, an executive assistant with 30 years’ experience working for multi-nationals, including pharmaceuticals, professional services, property, financial services and legal practices.

The service is aimed at business people and homeowners in the area who need cost-effective, confidential, one-to-one support in either a business or domestic manner, but on a more flexible basis to help with tasks that are not routine enough for full-time or permanent staff.

The tailored, flexible service will allow people to manage their time and focus on areas of business or home life where they are most effective. When a client decides to bring a PA into a home environment this is a very personal appointment, but Jayne ensures the process is effortless and hassle free and that every task is handled confidentially and with discretion.

Whether it’s a one-off task or part of a bigger project in business or in the home, Jayne says she can assist. From booking a flight or hotel, typing a report, reviewing utility providers, internet research, eBay listing or gift buying to more ongoing projects, such as event and holiday planning, marketing campaigns, household and interiors project management, the service is aimed to help a client’s life run more smoothly.

Jayne said: “Having worked at an executive PA level for a number of entrepreneurs and understanding the challenges they face, I feel there is a niche for a service of this kind in the area.

“More and more people now choose to work from home or down scale to smaller offices, but still require the level of PA service that they have had previously working in larger organisations. I am looking forward to delivering that level of service to clients, allowing them to be at their best, where it matters.”

Making appointments Personal Assistant in Cheshire

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